Reasons Why Teens Are So Attached To Their Smartphones

Today’s devices were designed to make today’s generations easier. However, we failed to notice that this generation includes our kids and they themselves are very comfortable using the gadgets including smartphones. In fact there are times that they are much better in using these devices than an average adult. They have become inseparable with their phones. They usually bring it with them anywhere they will go. The reasons of course are not that hard to understand.

It is an overall entertaining experience

They can do many things with it just to get through time. If they get bored, they can listen to their favorite playlist. They can easily update their playlist to include the latest music. They can also play their favorite games. Smartphones can support countless apps that they can download and play anytime they want. They can play these games before they sleep at night or while they are travelling. They can play movies and watch YouTube videos with it. This is one of the obvious reasons why they will bring their phones with them all the time.

YouTube Video Widget works Online and Offline

YouTube Video Widget works Online and Offline

They can connect to their friends

Today’s teens are very social in nature. When they are angry, depressed or happy, they want their friends and the whole world to know what they are feeling. They are hooked to social networking sites such as the Facebook and Twitter. With their smartphones, they can post the latest status of their lives in their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They also take pictures of the food that they are going to eat and post it as well. There are those that are fond of making videos and want to create their own music video. They are updated in their social life because of their smartphones.

They can use it in school

Smartphones can be used by teens in their school. They can research their assignments there. They can take down notes and copy notes from their classmates through their smartphones. They no longer go to the library because they can just research their assignments through the internet. They can also make presentations in their smartphones. They can take down their own notes through their smartphones. The smartphone that they bring to school can very much help them in their tasks and assignments. You no longer have to wonder why they bring their smartphones to school.

Social Network Battle

Social Network Battle

If your kids don’t have a smartphone yet, don’t be surprised if one day your children will ask it from you. In school, they will see that almost all their classmates have their own smartphones. As a parent we want the best for our children so now that we know that the smartphone can help them in their schooling, it is worth the expenses. Unlike before, children today interact with their friends through social networks. Without a smartphone, they’ll have no choice but use the computer to connect to social networking sites. With the smartphone, they can easily connect with their friends anytime anywhere.

Top 5 Red Flags To Watch Out For In A Relationship

When we’re in love, we easily ignore red flags that are waving right in front of us. If you notice anything wrong with your partner’s behaviour, you simply tell yourself that it was cute. Don’t keep on fooling yourself. Problems that worsen as the c progresses have to be addressed right away. Your judgment can be clouded especially when you rely on your heart all the time. Since people typically appear good during the first stages of the relationship, you won’t see these red flags for some time. Later on, these red flags may start to appear so make sure you’re aware of them. Here are the top 5 relationship red flags you need to watch out for.

1. Your partner is the drama king or queen

Your partner swings from one emotion to the other. When everything seems fine, they’ll find a way to spice up things by bringing up a controversy. They are attention-seekers that can make anyone’s life miserable.

2. You can’t stand being around his or her friends

If spending even an hour with them is almost unmanageable and you always look for excuses to leave, you have good reason to be concerned with the relationship. Friends have a lot in common. This means that your partner may be as annoying as his or her friends.

3. Your partner keeps on lying

Trust is vital in every relationship. Without trust, a relationship won’t go the distance. It’s very hard to trust a person who constantly lies. If he or she lies to family and friends, there’s a big chance your partner will also lie to you.

4. You argue all the time

Conflict is present in every relationship, and it is fine to argue sometimes. It actually keeps the relationship healthy. However, if you spend all your time arguing, there’s a big problem. If things are bad early in the relationship, it will only get worse.



5. Your partner is violent

Women may be warned of partners' violent pasts under new 'Clare's Law'

Women may be warned of partners’ violent pasts under new ‘Clare’s Law’

It’s a bright red flag you should never ignore. You have to end the relationship and protect yourself. If your partner has done it in the past, he or she may do it again. Don’t take the risk. Do what’s right. Love yourself. End the relationship and find someone who isn’t violent.

Red flags don’t show up early in the relationship. Experts say that these patters begin to manifest on the third month. This is why you have to take the relationship nice and slow. Red flags will most likely result in a poor and unhealthy relationship. Taking note of these patterns is important especially if you are planning to get married. Don’t waste your time and end up having a miserable life with someone who is not meant for you.

The Best Post-Workout Foods: What to Eat After a Workout

Going to the gym isn’t enough for you to have a nice body; you also have to eat the right foods. After a workout, you’re expected to replenish the body with the energy that it lost. It’s also a way to treat yourself for the hard work. Then again, you can’t eat anything you want. You have to be careful or your efforts will be wasted. Here are the best post-workout foods anyone will enjoy eating.

  1. Indulge in a steak

Steak will give your body a lot of protein. Pair it with sweet potatoes and some sour cream, this meal isn’t just good for your taste buds, but will also help in muscle tissue reconstruction.

    1. Eat 100 grams of chicken

Best Post Workout Foods

Best Post Workout Foods

A hundred grams of chicken gives you protein, omega 3s, and leucine. Leucine is an amino acid that helps convert the protein you get from chicken into muscle. A chicken dish is definitely a good meal after hitting the gym.

  1. Enjoy a plate of duck salad

Duck is a fantastic option for your post workout meal. Remove the skin and you have a meal that’s rich in protein and low in fat. Add coriander and cabbage to the salad and you end up with a dish that helps your muscles recover.

  1. Salmon for quick recovery

Muscles get sore during a workout. Salmon can help you recover quickly. It has lots of omega-3 as well as vitamins B6 and B12 that give you energy. Salmon has a lot of training benefits so consider having it for lunch.

  1. Classic cottage pie

Sounds delicious? It is. It’s certainly a treat to eat a cottage pie. Find one that has extra protein and calories. That’s what you need following a workout. The pie is a great choice because of the egg yolk used in the topping, which is rich in nutrients.

  1. Don’t forget your protein shake

The shake is full of protein yet low in fat. It’s easy to digest and quickly absorbed by the body. You can also add a fruit to boost the flavour. You just need half a banana, frozen berries, and vanilla or chocolate protein to come up with the best protein shake ever.

    1. Oatmeal in an instant

Oatmeal in an instant

Oatmeal in an instant

Oatmeal is loaded with protein and is a great source of fiber. It also refuels the body with its carbs. You can find different flavours to choose from. It’s also easy to make and can be done in a few minutes.

It isn’t easy to have a nice body. It takes time and motivation. You also have to stick to the right diet. No matter how tired you are from a workout, make sure not to eat the wrong foods. Stay on track and eat foods that will refuel your body, heal your muscles, and prepare you for the next workout session. 

The Pros and Cons of Buying Versus Leasing A Car: Which Makes a Good Deal?

Are you going to buy or to lease a car? That is the question. Future car owners are always in a quandary when it comes to buying versus leasing a car. Both always entail their ups and downs. However, leasing has become so popular these days because this lets you save up a good amount. For instance, if you’re going to take a car loan and the total amount of the car is $34,000 you would have to make a down payment 20% of the total price and the monthly payment for four years would be $650; whereas, if you’re going to lease a car you would only be paying $450 a month. This makes leasing so popular. Nonetheless, there are still some things worth considering before you decide to either buy or lease a car.

The Truth behind Leasing

Basically, when you’re going to buy a car you’re paying for its three aspects which include ownership (equity), loss in value (depreciation) and interest rates (if it’s a car loan). If you’re going to lease a car though you only have to pay for its equity and depreciation because let’s say after a four-year term you have to return the car to the dealer. This is the reason why you’re able to save up when you lease. To some degree, this isn’t still to your advantage because car dealers do not just lease cars if it’s not worth the profit. Car dealers encourage leasing primarily because they’ll be able to resell the car for the second time which means more profit. To sum it up, leasing allows you to spare some cash but you still wind up not owning the car.

Is Buying a Car Good Option?

Buying a Car Good Option

Buying a Car Good Option

Though leasing seems to be enticing for quite a lot of people, there are still those who prefer to buy a car. The main reason why you should buy a car, instead of leasing it, is because of the ownership. Owning the car saves you from worrying about limited mileage. You get to pimp your ride, unlike when you lease it. Aside from this, you also get to choose your preferred car service center in case when you want something repaired in your car. The disadvantage of buying a car though is that you need to pay a hefty amount.

Pros and cons of leasing a car

Pros and cons of leasing a car

Buying or leasing can be both good and bad. It depends on your lifestyle. If you want to frequently change cars leasing may be a good option but if you want full ownership then buy it. Therefore, deliberately decide whether to buy or to lease a car to avoid the haywire in the long run.

Ways to Have Family and Work Balance

It is a challenge for many people to balance work and family especially that both areas are important to them. Balance won’t come naturally. You actually have to be disciplined and organize everything. It may not be easy, but the benefits of having a successful career and a happy family are definitely worth your efforts. Here are simple things you can do to balance your family and career:

Know your priorities

Although both your family and your work are important, you need to determine which is more important during a certain time. For instance, if one of your kids is sick but you have to go to the office, you’ll choose your child over your work because a sickness needs more attention than a regular workday. On the other hand, you can choose to stay in the office and prepare for a very important presentation rather than spend the day with your family at the beach.

List your family goals and set a deadline

It’s easier to fulfill work responsibilities than those at home. People have a tendency to forget plans because they know that they can without being reprimanded. So if you wish to have a trip with your family or you have a home improvement project in mind, list them down and set deadlines. This is one way to commit yourself to do them. Just make sure that your work won’t be affected with your plans.

Check your calendar and make changes when work demands suddenly change

Balance Work and Family

Balance Work and Family

If your work allows you to spend more time with your family, make sure you take advantage of it. There are times when you have so many things to do in the office that you can’t have time for your family. Make it up to them when you have free time and make sure to do it at the soonest time possible.

Manage your time properly

If you can manage your time properly, balancing your family and career shouldn’t be a problem. You should know how to end a day at work and start your day with your spouse and kids. When a co-workers asks for your help, don’t say yes all the time. Learn to say no so that you don’t compromise the time you spend with your family.

Manage your time properly

Manage your time properly

You need to have a successful career and a happy family to have a fulfilling life. Life is all about balance. You can’t afford to leave your family or career behind. It takes a lot of effort to have family and work balance. Initially, you may have a hard time reorganizing your schedule especially that both your family and work are very important to you. By taking note of the tips mentioned above and by being serious about having a good life, nothing is impossible. In time you’ll learn the art of balancing family and career just like what the happiest people on this planet have done.